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   Changzhou Fost Textile Co., Ltd is a professional fabric manufacturer, founded in Changzhou,China in 2002 by Ms. Mei-yu Shen, up to now there are more than ten years of production history.Our company mainly produces corduroy and denim.After years of operation, we have two plants,146 looms,more than 60 employees.One of our plants specializes in corduroy.This plant floor is about 1800 square meters and there are 86 domestic rapier looms.It can turn out 130000 meters corduroy per month.Another plant specializes in denim.This plant floor is about 4000 square meters and there are 60 imported rapier looms.It can turn out 380000 meters denim per month.We have a strong product development and design capabilities, not only according to customer samples to produce products in line with the requirements, but also to develop new products by self.
   Our company is not only a professional fabric manufacturer, but also a trustworthy buying agent.We devote ourselves to help international small and medium-sized buyer develop products,purchase fabrics,clothing and accessories in China.We can help my customers and their companies to expand Chinese market and increase profits.We provide the following service:
1. According to customer requirements, we provide timely supply of various products.
2. We are able to communicate customer goals and supplier feedback correctly to each other.
3. We do all the follow up and make sure the delivery is on time.
4. According to customer requirements, we will carry out the inspection of the products to be delivered and submit the inspection report to the customer.
5. We will keep touch with the customer regularly,and report the progress of customer goals.
   I hope the above introduction is useful for you to know our company.If you are interested in our products or services,pls feel free to contact me.
Contact name:David Jiang
Mobile phone:+86 13961213735
Whatsapp:+86 18015893735

Detailed information

Industry: Textile & Apparel
Company size: 65 employees
Headquarters: Changzhou,jiangsu,China
Type: Sole proprietorship
Founded: 2002
Specialties: Corduroy,denim,yarn-dyed fabric and purchasing agent
Business model: Manufacturer and agent
CEO: Mei-yu Shen
Brand: Fost
Plant area: 5800 square meter
Monthly output: 130,000 meters corduroy,380,000 meters denim
Main customer groups: Fabric wholesaler,clothing company and textile company
Main sales area: Hong Kong,Europe,southeast Asia

Changzhou Fost Textile Co.,Lit——China woven fabric professional manufacturer
Address:Banshang village,Lijia town,Wujin district,Changzhou city,Jiangsu province,China.苏ICP备13000780号